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Founded in 2002, Los Angeles Web Design Firm is a USA based company servicing clients all over the world. We have developed hundreds of website designs, web applications, and interactive marketing campaigns for small to large businesses and organizations around the globe.

With a roster of clients that include entrepreneurs, professional teams, designers, real estate moguls, artists, e-traders, and small business owners, among others, we are open and able to fit your needs anytime, anywhere. Among our services, we provide website hosting, Flash Web Design, Marketing, and other essentials. If you are looking for someone to set up an online shopping cart, we are well-versed in e-commerce. If you need someone to spread the word about your business, look no further – we know what it takes to put you at the top, using internet marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization and AdWords. In short, we’re your one stop guide to making you and your business grow stronger, better, bigger, and broader. Whatever your goals may be, we have an innovative solution to help you get there – browse through our services or give us a call, we’re happy to get you started.

So with that being said why use 365Mass?

You may be tempted to hire a freelance web designer or designers. Don’t get us wrong. While most independent & freelance web designers are very good, it is the overall approach that really counts. Time and time again we have been told by clients that were left out in the cold because their freelance designer or developer simply could not deliver and how their entire project was abandoned mid-stream and never completed!

Our Approach

We approach each project in a structured and methodical fashion with:

-robust design, development and test processes
– learn more about our processes

-extensive team knowledge coupled with in-depth expertise

-proprietary and customized tools and components to slash design and development time

-the ability to collectively solve problems and brainstorm as a team

-durable and reliable quality assurance and testing mechanisms
-a structured and result-oriented delivery and deployment process to minimize downtime

Our Portfolio

We invite you to view our extensive Portfolio. You will see for yourself that we have worked on multiple types and sizes of professional and corporate websites, web applications, e-commerce websites and Internet marketing projects.

Our Company

365Mass has been in business for over 11 years. Based on the fact that we have been around for this long, we surely know what we are doing and we will deliver what we promise, if not more.

Our Team

We have spent time and effort cultivating a team culture. We are serious about what we do and we welcome you to come to our offices in Los Angeles, California and meet with us face-to-face. Please do give us heads up if you would like to visit.

Our Technologies

We work in all of the latest technologies available such as ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, AJAX and various scripting languages such as javascript and vbsrcipt. We have a ton of expertise in database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access. Please check our Technologies page for full details.